Roxanne Janson

Wise | Musical | Honest

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Wise | Musical | Honest

My “wisely expressive & enthusiastically relatable, musical, honest” voice is versatile.  It has been described as everything from “professional boss” to “Mom” to “friend”, ages 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

I have a degree in English, so Storytelling is a major part of my skillset! 

With a background as diverse as aerospace and aquatics (yes, sometimes I think I’m a mermaid), I’m comfortable with a wide variety of content – brainy to brawny. 

I also sing with choruses and symphonies, so pacing is natural.

Since I have a professional personal studio, I can work with clients wherever they may be.

Training and Vocal Qualities

I have had extensive training in Commercial, Corporate Narration, E-Learning, Promo, Explainers, Audio Tours, In-Show Documentaries, Character, Toys, Medical Narration, Telephony, and more. 

Some of the many coaches I’ve worked with are Sally Clawson, Jim Edgar, Angeli Fitch, Holly Dorff, Anne Ganguzza, Gavin Hammon, Donovan Corneetz, Jeff Howell, Doug Honorof.

My voice is wise, musical, and honest.  I have a warm, friendly, conversational sound that is knowledgeable but relatable.  It’s quirky, elegant, fun, playful, caring, casual, and adventurous.


“Roxanne is skilled at performing a script as though she conjured the words herself, achieving that wonderfully authentic sound companies want and need.”  

-Pamela Lorence, Pamela Lorence Productions