Occasionally, I just need to refresh my voice and my outlook.  Often I visit the water for this, but recently I was able to take a quick trip to be with wonderful people in Yosemite National Park.

Voice acting can be tiring on the voice, and I’m also a singer, which means more hours using my voice.  When I’m not in the booth or singing, I sometimes go several hours without saying a word.  The best place to do this, and to refresh my mental outlook, is in nature.

My family is very private, so I won’t write about them here except to say that I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful family.  Many of us have enjoyed trips to Yosemite in various seasons.

The summer can be hot and crowded, but that makes getting in the Merced River more fun.  (Careful – the river can also be dangerous.)  Other seasons bring other delights, such as changing yellow leaves or ice on waterfalls.  Wildlife can be seen and heard clearer when there are not so many people around, and there’s just a huge, happy “ahhh” feeling to being out there.

However hard you work, be sure to get out into nature often.  It can help with creativity and perspective, but it’s also just fun.  Go refresh.

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